About Us


Guywan Factory started from a small factory with only 2 booths. Until now, we have expanded our factory to be ready to support more creations.
Even with the COVID-19 crisis that used to affect the industry in general, we never give up on producing quality work with quality tools and an experienced team in order to meet all the needs of customers.


Our Vision

Every time that we talk directly to customers, it is because we intend to clarify every detail including the manufacturing process in that part of the customer. Starting from design, cutting, sewing, QC, ironing, packing in order to produce works that satisfy customers the most.


Among the Factory market

We believe that any manufacturer can definitely make a product for you. However, the quality makes a big difference, and we are confident that we will be able to provide quality products to our customers for sure.
Since it is the main reason why the customers keep coming back to us over and over and never looking for others again.

Producer image

Many people may think that we are a manufacturer, so it is going to be difficult to talk to. However, our factory still wants to meet the customers because we want you to meet our pattern technicians and seamstresses directly. Since it will allow customers to know the process and our team’ skills. While also building a confidence for the customers that the work that has been done by us will be definitely suitable for them.

When our customers never stop

We understand that no one ever stands still while the world is constantly changing and evolving. We therefore give customers the feeling that they are confident in the potential of the factory. That is we are ready to support in every production of their work. Because as a factory, we need to support and move forward together with our customers.

Ready To Start New Project With GUYWAN ?

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